I have an NFT.
Now… What Do I Do With It?

You have entered the rarified ranks of NFT collectors. But now what?!

How you choose to display your piece can reflect the creativity and ingenuity of your NFT.

From showcasing the art on social media or on a digital gallery, myriad options exist beyond mounting art to your wall.

Here is a helpful list of 7 things you can do with an NFT:

Display Your NFT in a Digital Frame
Meural Canvas for Displaying NFTs


Physically Display Your NFT Art

Show off your art collection! Add your NFT to a digital picture frame like a Meural, Samsung, or any other digital picture frame. If you want to get really fancy, you could even display it on a Meural Canvas, rendering it in lifelike detail.

(The full image of your NFT is available for you to download using the ipfs link provided on your NFT’s detail page. )


Digitally Display Your NFT Art – in 3 Different Ways

Don’t hide your NFT art in the dark depths of the blockchain – admire it every day, on the go, and in virtual spaces!

    Display your NFT art as the screensaver, wallpaper, or lock screen for your phone, computer, tablet, or smartwatch.

    Display Your NFT in a virtual gallery

    Display your NFT art in a virtual gallery such as ONCYBER.

    Use your NFT as a verified image on Twitter through Twitter Blue.

    Gifting an NFT


    Trade or Re-Gift Your NFT Art

    Trading or re-gifting NFTs are also part of the ownership experience. Add some lasting memories to the holiday season by giving an NFT to a grandchild who will actually know what it is or to a grandparent who will think you have lost your mind.


    Sell Your NFT Art to Other Collectors

    Being able to transfer ownership securely and transparently on the blockchain sets NFTs apart from phsyical art pieces.

    If you acquired an NFT from The Impact Collective, you can buy, sell, or trade them in our ReSale Marketplace – or you can transfer any NFT to another marketplace to sell it.


    Get Access to Special Events

    When you aquire an NFT from The Impact Collective, you will be invited to participate in virtual and in-person events of your favorite causes and artists, which are only accessible to other NFT holders. You will also get exclusive access to NFT drops that show continued support of a cause.

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