Jahaziel Sanchez

Second Chance Graduate

My name is Jahaziel. In March of 2022, I graduated from San Diego Second Chance’s Job Readiness Training program, which has enhanced my life. Around this time last year, I was in the Trinity-Shasta mountains pulling a 30-day run as a Type-1 inmate firefighter.

Now, I’m working toward my Bachelor’s in business administration at SDSU with plans to continue to my
Master’s in economics.

Recently, I had the opportunity to explore a passion of mine. I created works of art for the novelty of the experience and to support Second Chance through an art sale. Having the opportunity to create art is special to me.

 While incarcerated, I began to view the world in a different light, and with that, I found that art was the only appropriate medium to express this new perception.

Art has healing properties, in that, it is a personalized experience that fosters introspection and reflection.

It is for these reasons that I am/was very excited for the opportunity to create art that will be sold to benefit the Second Chance program, which has helped me and so many others.

After my experience in prison, I believe that a disproportionate number of individuals who serve time have artistic mindsets and talents that were not further cultivated by our educational system.

We have a lot to share, and I hope you will buy art from Second Chance graduates to benefit an organization that means so much to all of us and gives us the support that we need to be successful.


Purchase Jahaziel’s Art to Support Second Chance:

Mother and Son

Stream of Thought

Liquified Earth