Tony Concep

Acclaimed Artist

Tony Concep / Anthony C. Brown Jr. is A multidimensional artist, Creative Director and Designer born in New Orleans, L.A. raised in Charleston S.C.

Tony earned his BFA in film animation from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. He is a trained Illustrator and a Visual artist, producing works that center around iconic portraits with mixed media street art aesthetics.

Currently residing in the Greater San Diego area, Tony has developed his own unique language. He merges social political ideas with textures, lines, patterns, and typography, blending logos and iconography from his childhood and life experiences. Selected clients include Nike, Adidas, Marithe Francois Girbaud, LRG Clothing, The New Museum New York, Nike, Adidas, and the MTV networks.

“We are all inherently creators. If you want love, you paint love. Art is using your mind on a higher level to manifest what you want.”

—Tony Concep

Purchase Tony’s Collaborative Art Piece to Support Second Chance:



Acclaimed artist Tony Concep created this piece in conjunction with Second Chance graduates while educating them on multimedia art techniques.